The use of the cards is at the disposal and responsibility of the customer in a manner that does not conflict with regulations, provisions and laws

Applicable in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and Shaddat does not have any relationship with any other use of the cards

Required in non-designated locations.

Cards are purchased based on the customer's desire, and Shadat Store disclaims all responsibility for the customer's use

For cards, the role of Shadat store ends after sending the cards file with the customer's password, and it is not valid

The customer may hold Shadat store responsible for any losses or other errors as a result of using the cards in the wrong way

The places allocated for it, and all of this falls under his personal responsibility.

The customer must notify Shadat store in case he uses another bank account that is not affiliated with him immediately

Shadat store does not bear any responsibility regarding the transfer method used by the customer

And he must immediately notify the Shadat store, as shown, of the method of transferring it